Affordable Monthly Payments

Select Payments customer credit program will help you keep your money in your pocket and attain an affordable monthly payment plan for your next home improvement project. Please feel free to review 6 popular Home Improvement services, average cost and average monthly payments.

Simple 3 Step Application Process

Select Payments is an innovative consumer financing company that partners with lenders and businesses to provide consumers with good, fair or poor credit an affordable monthly payment plan for their products or services.

Select Payments has a simple streamlined application approval process and we understand that some applicants might have some questions about us, the application process or the payment plans and that’s why we’ve outlined the application process below and created a FAQ section. ​


    Apply 24/7 for an affordable monthly payment plan from any online or mobile device


    Receive an application decision, if approved, review the terms and agree to them


    Purchase your service or products


WHY SHOULD I APPLY FOR SELECT PAYMENTS CREDIT? As an alternative to the major banks and traditional lenders in personal finance, we strive to treat every customer individually, fairly and with the respect you deserve. Select Payments is specialized in helping consumers with credit challenges. While most lenders approve only well-qualified borrowers, we understand that anyone can experience financial difficulty at times due to reasons beyond their control. Our goal is to help as many consumers as we can within responsible lending limits.

HOW MUCH CAN I BORROW? The minimum amount you can borrow is $1,000 and the maximum will depend on the purpose of the credit and your current financial situation.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO PAY IT BACK? The minimum term for a loan is 1 year, with a maximum of 3 to 10 years based on your approval criteria. If you can afford to repay your loan sooner than your term, we encourage you to do so to save on interest. A longer loan term will incur additional interest charges but your regular payments will be lower.

CAN I APPLY FOR CREDIT DIRECTLY FROM SELECT PAYMENTS? We only provide financing through our merchant partners. If you already have a desired product or service that you would like to purchase from a Select Payments Merchant, you may apply online or at their location. If your merchant is not already working with us, please provide us their information and we will contact them to present how Select Payments solutions can help customers like yourself.

WHAT ARE THE INTEREST RATES? While we provide competitive interest rates, it is hard to give a number here because the interest rate changes based on the market, finance amount, term and applicant credit profile. Each approval notice includes the interest rate.

IS THE INTEREST RATE VARIABLE OR FIXED? We provide fixed interest rates under all our financing programs, meaning repayment amounts stay the same throughout the life of the loan. Having this certainty makes budgeting simpler and more manageable.

WHAT IS THE "INTEREST-FREE PROMOTIONAL TERM" OPTION? If your merchant participates in the Promotional Term program, your approval notice may include an Interest-Free term. For example, 36-month term with 12-month interest-free option (or it can sometimes be called “same-as-cash” option) means that you can take up to 36 months to repay the financed amount but if you finish the payments within 12 months, you will pay zero interest (you are still required to make on-time minimum payments each month to take advantage of the interest-free option).

WHAT ARE THE FEES? There are no additional fees. There is no application fee, no documentation fee, no prepayment penalty, and no other hidden fees. What you see on your contract is what you will pay (late fees may apply if the installment payments are not received on time).

DO I NEED TO PROVIDE A DOWN PAYMENT? You are not required to provide a down payment.

HOW DO I MAKE REPAYMENTS? You will receive the repayment instructions after approval. Paying by direct debit saves you time and the hassle of manual repayments, it also helps you to avoid fees from missed and late payments (make sure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the monthly payments).

WILL I BE CHARGED A FEE FOR MAKING ADDITIONAL REPAYMENTS? Additional repayments can be made at any time and do not incur any fees. There are no prepayment penalties. However additional payments will not change the minimum monthly amount that you need to pay each month. They will shorten your total term and help you save on interest.

IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, CAN I CONTACT SELECT PAYMENTS DIRECTLY? Yes, we encourage you to contact us via phone (800) 840-9844 or email